BBS Road Rock

BBS Road Rock Barrier Base for Hire and Sale

The BBS Road Rock is a multifunctional base and the first product of its kind that will allow a temporary pedestrian barrier to pass Class B Wind Speeds (17.6m/s)


  • Compatible with the BBS Gate Barrier
  • Single BBS Road Rock required to pass class B
  • Handle for easy lifting
  • No sandbags required for Class B & C
  • Manufactured from 100% Recycled Material
  • Can house a Traffic Cylinder
  • Can double-up as a Delineator
  • Angular movement, interlocking for continuous runs
  • Can be manufactured in corporate colours and ID can be embossed


A minimum of 30Kg is needed for a barrier to withstand Class B Wind Speeds (17.6 m/s). At 15Kgs each, the BBS Road Rock provides the precise weight required, every time, to withstand these wind speeds.


  • Length: 0.50m
  • Height: 0.308m
  • Width: 0.315m
  • Weight: 15kg

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BBS RoadRockGateBarrier02 BBS RoadRocksConnected02 BBS RoadRocksCylinder02 BBS RoadRocksStacked02
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