Grit Bins

Grit Salt Bins

A durable heavy-duty product which is corrosion and weather proof. Available sizes 3.5 to 12 cu ft capacity and in a wide choice of colours.

Manufactured from UV stabilised prime weather proof polyethylene and available in five sizes with double skinned hinged lid for increased rigidity. Lockable hasps can be fitted if required. Stackable for storage/transport. Stock product Yellow, can be manufactured in corporate colours.


  • 3.5 Cubic feet Length 0.71m Height 0.57m Width 0.51m
    Capacity 100 litres
  • 6 Cubic feet Length 0.79m Height 0.75m Width 0.50m
    Capacity 169 litres
  • 7 Cubic feet Length 1.85m Height 0.89m Width 0.49m
    Capacity 200 litres
  • 10 Cubic feet Length 1.85m Height 0.73m Width 0.50m
    Capacity 285 litres
  • 12 Cubic feet Length 1.85m Height 0.85m Width 0.50m
    Capacity 340 litres
  • BBS Pathfinder 200 Length 0.95m Height 0.65m Width 0.55m
    Capacity 200 litres
  • BBS Pathfinder 400 Length 1.20m Height 0.79m Width 0.68m
    Capacity 400 litres
  • BBS Clearway 200 Length 0.70m Height 0.80m Width 0.45m
    Capacity 200 litres

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Grit Bin Yellow Grit Bin Green
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  • Grit BinsA durable, heavy-duty product available sizes 3.5 to 12 cu ft capacity and in a wide choice of colours
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