Innovative lightweight barriers - an Eco-friendly alternative to sand bags.

The tragedy and heartache caused by flooding in recent years is all too apparent and any effective preventative measures are seen as a good investment by Government, local councils, companies large and small and of course households – particularly those at risk in previous flood hit areas.

With this in mind, Border Barriers are pleased to offer a range of state of the art flood defence products that are designed as a lightweight and easier to deploy alternative to traditional sand bags. These can be ordered in small or large quantities and can be easily stored in bulk in advance of flooding taking place.

At less than 10% of the weight of a traditional sandbag our Hydro products only increase in weight and bulk when activated by water. They are quick to deploy and once used can simply be slit and emptied into soil without any harmful effects.

  • A safe, eco-friendly replacement for the sandbag
  • Domestic and commercial use.
  • Light, flat, simple to store and easy to handle
  • Expands quickly in contact with water absorbing up to 20 litres weighing approx 20 kilos.
  • Highly effective door protection
  • Can be stacked or folded to offer the level of protection required.

HydroSnake Technical Details

Length 145cm
Width 25cm
Absorption 15-20 litres
Inflation Time 2-3 minutes
Weight Before 0.5 kilos
Weight After 15-20 kilos
Outer Fabric Non woven
hydrophilic finish
Internal Pads Pads x9 per sack
Super Absorbent
Polymer (SAP) Pulp
Non Toxic, ECO friendly
Flood Water Depth 5cm of water per snake
Flood Water Length 140cm of water per snake

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HydroSnake Flood Protection HydroSnake Flood Barrier
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