Safety Barriers

Are you organising a project where it’s essential to take measures to protect both the public and workers?

We stock a wide range of safety barriers offering protection for many situations. From working in conjunction with signs to direct pedestrians the right way during streetworks, to sturdier barriers required for absorbing potential impacts, we have products that are easy to install and suitable for any work being carried out.

Safety barriers are a necessity in situations where both the public and workers require protection. In the past, we’ve supplied safety barriers for civil engineering projects, roadworks, events and festivals, airport use, and much more.

Below is a full list of the safety barriers we supply. Having trouble finding what you’re looking for or need some help? Get in touch via our contact form or give us a call on 01228 675764 and one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to advise on the best products for your project.

Safety Barriers Available from Border Barriers

Alphabloc Space Saver  - this water filled barrier is lightweight and foldable, making it easy to store and allowing for larger quantities to be delivered more easily.

BBS 2000 - a sturdy low containment barrier ideal for directing people and traffic. 35kg when empty to allow for easy positioning, increasing to 350kg when filled with water.

BBS 22 - this heavy barrier is freestanding and so requires no permanent fixings. When empty it weighs 60kg for ease of manoeuverability, increasing to 600kg when full.

DoubleTop - designed for use with our Wonderwall barrier, this lightweight barrier top offers extra visibility by adding an additional 1m with highly reflective sleeves.

Hog 600 Barrier - a lightweight anti-trip barrier, ideal for pedestrian safety. Weighs just 5.5kg when empty for ease of movement.

Jersey Barrier - Jersey barriers are incredibly heavy (1450kg) and sturdy concrete barriers ideal for vehicle delineation. Our Jersey barriers interlock to create an effect anti-vehicle barrier system.

Legato Interlocking Barrier - barriers that lock together to create an effective system for the denial of vehicular access. Barriers weight 2400kg but can be positioned without specialist equipment with the aid of the attached lifting pins.

Municipal Series Expanding Barrier - this expandable safety barrier comes in 2m long units which can be combined for extra coverage. They are fully retractable and so easy to move and store when no longer required. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Postman Barrier - a Chapter 8-compliant barrier ideal for streetworks. Temporary lamps can be attached to the top and they can be ordered in corporate colours.

Road Rock - a multifunctional barrier base that makes for a pedestrian barrier capable of withstanding winds speeds of up to 17.6m/s.

Road Runner - these self-weighted barriers are interlocking, making it easy to create a temporary delineation system and prevent unwanted movement.  

Security Blocks - concrete safety barriers weighing 2000kg are perfect for restricting access to land and buildings.

Site Wall - this water-filled site security barrier can be combined with fencing for extra security.

Slot Block Barrier - the only water-filled barrier made to fit industry standard 3.5m x 2m mesh panels. MIRA wind-tested to withstand speeds of 57mph, these barriers are ideal for inner city use because of their small footprint.

Wonderwall - a robust plastic road barrier that is resistant to high winds without the need for a ballast. Suitable for a number of applications including street and rail works.

Composite Barrier - lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, this self-contained enclosure barrier provides safety around temporary excavations.

Endura Safety and Security Fence - Chapter 8-compliant safety barrier fence can be used for cordoning off areas with deep and hazardous excavations.

Gate Safety Barrier - an easy to position and transport highly-visible safety barrier. Suitable for a number of uses including road works and crowd control.

Metal Guard - a versatile barrier for protecting pedestrians and workers. Available with a range of tops for different purposes, comes powder coated in red/white alternating for high visibility.

Mini Mesh - round top mesh panels to attach to barriers, providing an additional 0.55m in height.

Olympic Barrier - a high visibility barrier, units can be linked together to form enclosures. Perfect for construction and utility work application.

Pedestrian Barrier - metal barriers which help separate public and project to ensure pedestrian safety. Also available in pedestrian walk through barrier form, to show safe route through for public.

Rhino Advanced Safety Barrier - a durable, plastic water-filled barrier made from robust moulded polyethylene. Weighing 470kg when filled, this barrier is well-suited for use at airports, events, on highways and more.

Rhino Crash Tested Safety Barrier - Highways Agency-approved and crash-tested to safely contain vehicles travelling at 50mph. These traffic barriers for impact protection help keep the public and workers safe in a number of situations.

Rhino Extended Hoarding/Mesh Panel - standing 1.52m and reaching 2.42m when combined with a Rhino barrier, this solid hoarding panel features an additional mesh section at the top to make it more difficult to scale.

Rhino Extended Mesh Panel - an anti-climb mesh panel, which when attached to a Rhino barrier reaches an overall height of 2.42m to prevent unauthorised entry.

Rhino Standard Hoarding Panel - a solid hoarding panel to prevent unwanted entry and create privacy.  The panel is 1m high and combined with a Rhino barrier stands 1.9m.

Rhino Standard Mesh Panel - combines with Rhino barriers to deter intruders, reaching an overall height of 1.9m.

Separator 55 - perfect for use in busy city centre areas, this water-filled barrier is easy to position and is stackable for ease of storage and transportation.

Separator 65 - a larger version of the Separator 55 safety barrier, also suitable for city centre use.

Separator 80 - reaching a weight of 40kg when filled, this larger Separator barrier retains the same ease of use and transport as its smaller counterparts.

Separator 90 - providing 2m of ground coverage per barrier and weighing 400kg when filled, these plastic barriers are perfect for providing delineation, crowd control, and more.

Strongfence Safety Barrier - a plastic safety barrier with attached anti-climb fencing. Its overall height of 2m helps prevent unwanted entry.

Strongwall 1000 Safety Barrier - this self-weighted safety barrier keeps pedestrians safe and is ideally suited for cordoning off excavations.

TVCB - the temporary vertical concrete barrier is designed for use on highways and can be deployed on both central reservations or verges. Each unit weighs approximately 2500kg and is capable of containing a vehicle travelling at up to 70mph.

Traffic Log - interlocking units that can form a temporary safety kerb. Available to hire or buy in a range of colours.

Watchman Safety Enclosure - an enclosure for excavations available for hire and sale. Bases fit over uprights so that the enclosure cannot be easily taken apart when left alone.

Why use Border Barriers?

24hr ‘QuickSafe’ next day delivery - because we keep large numbers of safety barriers in stock, we’re able to get them to you the next day using our own delivery fleet. Our vehicles also come with Moffet Mounty forklifts for easy unloading.

Flexibility - whether you need safety barriers for a single day, a few months or permanently, we’ve got you covered. All our barriers are available for hire and sale, so you can have them however long you need them.

Safe, proven products - all the barriers that we supply are tested and approved to Highways Agency and Chapter 8 standard for road, site and street work safety, so you can rest assured they’re fit for purpose. As well as this, our barriers have been used for a number of successful projects including huge sporting events like the 2012 London Olympics and UEFA Euro 2016.

Whatever the scenario, our barriers can form part of precautions that comply with safety standards, whether it’s to protect workers from vehicles or ensure a safe event. If you need any help choosing the best safety barriers for your project, fill out our contact form and one of our staff will advise. Give us a call on 01228 675764 to speak sooner.

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