Security Barriers

Security Barriers

Security Barriers

Preventing unwanted access to an event or site is imperative. Individuals that gain access unlawfully can be disruptive, potentially stealing or causing damage on a construction site or smuggling illegal items into an event. So, to ensure the event or project is a success, precautions are needed to stop unauthorised entry. Border Barriers stocks a range of security barriers and other products to make spaces safer.

Border Barriers supplies the following security barriers, for purchase or hire, all over the UK and Europe:

  • Rhino Barriers - Rhino is a world-renowned manufacturer of crash barriers, waterfill barriers, hoarding, sound reduction panels and more. Border Barriers is the sole supplier of Rhino products in Europe.
  • Parking Barriers - control the flow of traffic into your event or site more easily. Parking barriers allow for better control of who gets in and prevent disorder at the beginning and end of events.
  • Endura Safety and Security Fence - a durable alternative to metal anti-climb fencing, it's also available in corporate colours.
  • Hoarding Panels - at 2m high, our steel hoarding panels prevent unauthorised entry and provide privacy where required.
  • Anti-Climb Panels - perfect for creating a perimeter to deter those trying to gain unlawful entry to any event or site.
  • Pedestrian Barriers - fixed feet barriers that help control the flow of people at an event. Perfect for displaying where queueing should take place and maintaining order.

Border Barriers' security barriers are suitable for a number of applications. They are commonly used in the protection of construction sites and projects. In these scenarios, expensive equipment and machinery are often left unattended overnight. Because of this, opportunistic thieves see it as the perfect chance to make money through illegal resale. With a robust and efficient security barrier system, however, criminals will be deterred so projects can be completed successfully.

They are also made use of at events and festivals. In instances where attendees are required to pay to gain entry, unauthorised entry is a real problem. Not only does it deprive the event host of the entrance fee, it can also put law-abiding event-goers at risk, as illegal items can be smuggled in. With access control barriers and other security products, unwanted entry can be prevented and a safe event atmosphere maintained.

Why use Border Barriers?

  • Next day delivery and installation - at Border Barriers we keep a range of security barriers and other products in stock and with our 'QuickSafe' delivery service we will deliver and install for you the very next day using our own fleet of vehicles.
  • Flexibility - whether security barriers are required for one day or to keep, we will help. Every product from Border Barriers is available for both hire and purchase to suit your needs.
  • Proven Products - all products manufactured and supplied by Border Barriers are tested and approved to Highways Agency and Chapter 8 standard for road, site and street work safety. Our products have been used at highly successful events like the 2012 London Olympics and Glastonbury Festival.

At Border Barriers we understand it can be difficult working out the best security barrier system for your event or site, so as well as supply you with what you need, our friendly and dedicated representatives are more than happy to help work out the best solution for your project. Get in touch today to find out more about improving the security of your project . Give us a call on 01228 675 764 for a faster response.

Barriers available for hire or sale
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