Rhino Sound Reduction Panels

Fast and effective high-tech solution for controlling excessive site noise.

Rhino Sound Reduction Panels offer high tech, market leading solutions for suppressing excessive noise and making noise management simple, fast and highly effective.

This innovative design not only provides exceptional acoustic performance but has been developed for easy storage, transportation and fitting, and is manufactured to meet the rigours of today's demanding work environment.

The commercial benefits of noise reduction are enormous, including extending site operating hours (and so reducing operational costs), minimising noise complaints, enhancing company reputation and providing for an improved working environment.

  • Colours of Sound Reduction Panels are Green (Other colours available on request)
  • Simple and quick installation system
  • Light for easy handling
  • Unique roll-up design for compact storage and transportation
  • Double or triple up for noise hot spots
  • Absorbs sound but not water (weatherproof)
  • Range of fixing accessories available
  • Reflective strips to aid night time visibility
  • Fire resistant
  • Reduce noise complaints
  • Enhance company reputation
  • Extend site operating hours
  • Reduce project timescales and costs
  • Improved working conditions


  • Inner City Areas / City Centres
  • Major Street Works/ Construction
  • Civil / Demolition Sites
  • Railway Stations / Rail Maintenance
  • Rail Replacement Works
  • Airport Terminals
  • Concerts / Festivals
  • Showground / Events / Traffic / Utility
  • Council Excavation Sites
  • Pedestrian Safety Works
  • Work/Staff/Welfare areas

Technical data

  • Dimensions (flat): 2.0m high x 1.2m wide
  • Dimensions (rolled): 0.xm diameter 1.2m
  • Acoustic performance: 20 – 30dB noise reduction
    (greater if panels doubled up)

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ECHO Accoustic Barriers IMG_4599
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