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Road Traffic Cones for Hire and Sale

Road Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are a common sight on roads all over the country, and for good reason. In situations where the perimeter of work being carried out needs to be made clear, they are often the simplest and least expensive solution.

We manufacture and supply a variety of cones to different specifications to ensure visibility, all of which are made of recyclable or recycled plastic. 

You can view the range of cones and cone accessories we supply at Border Barriers below. Available for purchase or hire all over the UK and Europe:

  • BBS Master Cone - available in three different heights of 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm depending on requirement.

  • BBS Viz Cone - a heavy duty cone, available at either 750mm or 1000mm high for maximum visibility.

  • BBS No Waiting Cone - available in three-sided or conical shapes in various heights and weights to mark out areas where drivers are forbidden from parking. 

  • BBS Cone Topper - attaches easily to the top of cones to form an adaptable, cost-efficient temporary barrier, ideal for a number of situations.

  • Reflective Belt Cone Topper Barrier - making use of prismatic retro-reflective tape, this tape barrier attaches to cone tops offering high visibility at both day and night.

Our road traffic cones are versatile and can be applied to various settings. Being highly visible, they are perfectly-suited to marking out areas where work is being carried out and ensuring worker and public road safety. They are most commonly used to increase visibility in conjunction with signs when roadworks are being carried out as part of an effective traffic management system. 

As well as this application, they are also useful in other settings such as health and safety, maintenance, construction and engineering work.

Each of our road traffic cones comes with a reflective sleeve in addition to bright orange colouring, making them ideal for showing when part of a road or any other area is off-limits. The cones are also customisable. Both the cone itself and the base of the product can be manufactured in brand colours and embossed, making them an extension of brand identity.

Cones are inexpensive and easy to move. Because of this they provide the ideal solution to traffic management on a budget. Their price allows for a large number to be obtained and their light weight provides flexibility, making it simple to rearrange the system if need be.

Why get traffic cones from us?

  • Next day delivery and installation - we always have a range of cones in stock, and with our 'QuickSafe' delivery service we will deliver and install for you the very next day using our own fleet of vehicles.

  • Flexibility - whether road or warning cones are required for one day or to keep, we will help. Every product we stock  is available for both hire and purchase to suit your needs.

  • Proven products - all products manufactured and supplied by us are tested and approved to Highways Agency and Chapter 8 standard for road, site and street work safety. Our products have been used at highly successful events like the 2012 London Olympics and Glastonbury Festival.

At Border Barriers we understand it may not be clear at first what type of cone is best for your situation, as well as supply you with what you need, our friendly and dedicated representatives are more than happy to help work out the best solution for your project. Get in touch today to find out more about Border Barriers road, warning and no waiting cones. Give us a call on 01228 675 764 for a faster response.

  • QuickSafe 24hr Nationwide
  • Delivery & Installation Available
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